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Odd. Wonderful. Mad. Sya.

I'm the girl that fell down the Rabbit Hole and never crawled back out.

28 June
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Erm... What to say?
I am a fanfiction writer and I wrote an original book, although some bastard stole my pen-drive in which the complete and revised version was stored in.
Chocolate is my addiction.
I am not prejudiced - I don't care whether you're Christian, Jewish or Wicca, or goth, emo, black in color or anything else, as long as people respect me in the same way I respect them.
I am a Dramione supporter - Draco and Hermione forever! J.K. rules, even though they didn't ever get friendly or anything T.T
I like watching cartoons.
My hobbies are reading (I'm pretty much a bookworm), writing, listening to music (basically anything), drawing and making plushies.

Meh, can't think of anything else. I'll finish this later... ^.^'